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festoon 2.jpg

Festoon And Garden Lighting 


Dice powered up.JPG

Retro 70s club lighting effect

6 Head rotating Dice in two Planes 




Used Pair of Octolights 4 Channel flood lights very Bright Requires a 4 channel controler 

Martin efx4 (1).JPG

Used Martin EF  4   


Kam Star Cluster (1).JPG

Used KAM Star Cluster 3D Laser  £75.00 


Used KAM Tri Fastscan 160 colour Laser £95.00 


QTX LS Laser Pro (1).JPG

Used Laser QTX LS01 Pro 


Flame Effect  (3).JPG

Used 4 ft Silk Flame effect



PAR 30 Chrome Can inc Lamp (1).JPG

Used Chrome PAR 30 Can with Lamp 75watt 


Neutron LED  (1).JPG

Used LED Neutron Disco Light 

DMX and stand alone sound trigger


PAR 56 Chrome Short Nose.JPG

Used PAR 56 Chrome Short nosed  with 300 Watt Lamp


PAR 16 LED Birdie (3).JPG

Used PAR 16 LED Birdie 

Cool White