PA Speakers Hire

cROMO 12 cLUB.jpg

Pair of Active 12" 200Watt Speakers on Stands with XLR input socket  

CROMO15 crop.jpg
DB Cromo 15 Active Speaker
DB OPERA 915DX.jpg

DB Opera 700 Watt full range 15 " active speaker XLR Input 

Db opera system.jpg

DB 700 Active Tops with

DB 800Watt Bins

QR 12 Battery Speakers 1.jpg

Handheld Megaphone 

Horn Speakers.jpg

Outdoor Tannoy Speakers 

Sound System  Size Guide.


Less than 50 People Battery/Mains Speaker System 


Small party up to 50 People Cromo 400 Watt


Party Up to 100 People Cromo 600 Watt


Party Up to 150 People DB Opera 715DX + Sub 15 


Band Vocal Small Pub Cromo 400 W


Band Vocal Med Pub Cromo 600 W


Wedding  DX 715 + Sub 15 



This only a guide so please ensure you have the right size system for your requirements. A larger system can always be turned down where a smaller system will distort if over driven. 


Someof these speakers will require a mixer to connect microphones and sound sources (Cd Player / iPhone / iPad / iPod) , but if unsure, please get in touch and we will advise.